We offer employees:

  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Development
  • Flexibility
  • Work-life-balance
  • Opportunities
  • Relaxing environment
  • Excellent tools, materials & equipment

We do this through:

  • Mentoring schemes
  • Personal development programmes
  • Training plans
  • Magic moments (a reward scheme for employees who demonstrate commitment to the vision statement or go 'above & beyond' for a customer)
  • Quarterly appraisals focussing on employee development & progression
  • A strong organisational structure with clear roles & responsibilities
  • Team building days, workshops and seminars

Our Team, Our Philosophy.

If our business is like a crown…we are the framework, our employees are the ceramic. They add interest, definition, colour & life. We are here to facilitate & support that.

Martin J Docking DCP

Managing Director & Clinical Dental Technician

Although my father was a Dental Technician, I started my career as a fisherman…however, a couple of hard winters was all it took to steer me towards my father's chosen route. In a medium sized lab in Cornwall I worked my way up from model room technician to General Manager until in 1995, my wife Lucy & I decided to take the plunge and set-up our own lab. The first few years were difficult – as most in business are, with Lucy juggling raising our young daughters with the company admin and me surviving on a few hours' sleep a night to enable me to sell the products and then make them. Slowly we began to employ staff and now, 15 years later, the company employs a team of 18. In 2010 I completed 3 years of training & qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician so I now share my time between running Dental Precision and working as a CDT in our denture clinic - Changing Faces® Cornwall.

Special Areas of Interest
Complete & partial prosthetic solutions
Increasing standards in denture solutions
Showcasing the talents of my incredible team
Enhancing levels of training amongst dental technicians & attracting school leavers into the profression

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
Lucy & I have been married for over 20 years and we have two daughters. I enjoy surfing, fishing & keeping fit.

Bad manners & poor service.

GDC Registration Number: 115044

Lucy Docking

Director of Administration and Finance

Upon leaving school I ran a telex and fax bureaux. After that I became an administrator for a financial planning consultant at Allied Dunbar Life Pensions & Investments.

I then qualified as a Financial Planning Consultant but this only lasted a short while as I left to support Martin at Dental Precision with administration and book-keeping, as well as having a part time job as a receptionist at the local Doctor's practice. I am now the Director of Administration and Finance at Dental Precision.

Special Areas of Interest
Organisation - making sure that everything is neat, tidy & easy to find
'Getting it right'
Ensuring that Dental Precision is a professional business

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I married Martin in 1990 and we have two lovely daughters, Daisy + Lily, who make us very proud. Our 'once in a lifetime' holiday was in the Maldives where it was like swimming in a tropical fish tank…until I met a shark!! I enjoy swimming, running, going to the gym and growing vegetables

Cycling - I have a road bike but will find any excuse not to get on it
Rudeness, anger and confrontation
Aniseed, carraway seed & Earl Grey Tea.

Alison Middleton

Senior Administrator

I have worked in many administration roles, including for a publishing firm, and have various administration related qualifications including typing qualifications which I passed with distinction. I started with Dental Precision in 2006 and am now responsible for all aspects of Dental Precision's administration.

Special Areas of Interest
Keeping Dental Precision efficient & well organised

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I have a dog - Mylo, so fortunately I enjoy long walks on the beach and through the countryside. I love motorcycling in the UK and abroad. One of my peak life experiences was raising £2600 for charity by completing Lands End - John O'Groats - Lands End on the bike.

Nothing comes to mind

Clair Crooks

Ceramics Technician

I qualified in June 2011 with FdSc in Dental Technology from UWIC. I've worked at Dental Precision since April 2004, I started in the Model Room & quickly worked my way up. I'm also a fully qualified make-up artist!

Special Areas of Interest
Specialising in Ceramics
Interacting with patients & meeting the public whilst promoting the business at shows
Combining dental technology with theatrical make-up, e.g. disfigured teeth for film or stage Maxillofacial technology.

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I am a keen snowboarder - I was first put on the snow at the age of 2! I did a season in 2002 which was a fantastic experience I love the outdoors, especially being near the sea. I'm fun loving - I enjoy dancing to live music, socialising & cooking for friends, travelling & meeting new people. I love everything creative - making jewellery, clothes, drawing, painting, novelty cakes, theatrical makeup & fancy dress & the odd local production


GDC Registration Number: 230906

Jeremy Bunt

Process worker - model room

I completed my work experience at Dental Precision before being offered a full time role as a Model Room Process Worker. I can also make surfboards!

Special Areas of Interest
Accurately completing batches of models and presenting them well.

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
My main passion is surfing and nearly all of my holidays involve chasing the waves. Cornwall is the perfect place for me to live.

Early mornings
No surf.

Lewis Major

Metal technician

I started as an apprentice with Dental Precision in 2007 and completed FdSc in Dental Technology, I am now fully qualified with 5 years experience.

Special Areas of Interest
Work as a metal technician
All aspects of laboratory work but particularly in areas where I can make a difference.

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I enjoy surfing, football, squash, poker, golf & cycling.

Arrogant/rude people.

GDC Registration Number: 230908

Martyn Jarvis (MJ)

Senior Ceramics technician

I have a B-Tec Diploma and 21 years experience working in different laboratories. Initially I specialised in Prosthetics before training in Ceramics which has fast become my area of passion. I still keep my Prosthetics skills fresh though and I find that the two skills complement each other particularly in combination cases.

Special Areas of Interest
Ceramics - particularly full emax cases

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I have 3 daughters aged 18, 15 and 9. I enjoy surfing, fishing, walking, socialising, family & travelling.

None (note from colleagues - 'MJ is probably the most laid back person you'll ever meet').

GDC Registration Number: 154655

Paul Luke

Senior Ceramics technician

I have a B-Tec National Diploma and 25 years experience working in different laboratories. I have worked in most areas of the lab so can turn my hand to most things.

Special Areas of Interest
Complex implant cases.

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I have 2 children - a boy and a girl. I enjoy travelling and in 2000-01 I spent a year travelling around the world, including to India, Thailand, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru & North America.

Disliking things.

GDC Registration Number: 149081

Tom Mavor Hills

Prosthetics Technician

I started as an apprentice at Dental Precision in September 2006 and the company supported me in completing my FdSc in Dental Technology, which I passed with distinction. In addition to this I have 9 GCSEs, B-Tec National Diploma in outdoor education, Level 1+2 F.A. approved football coach qualification and I am qualified in Silver Service!

Special Areas of Interest
Learning all areas of dental technology to a high standard
Developing a good knowledge of dentistry as a whole to enhance the products I produce and support I can give to dentists.

Hobbies and Peak Experiences
I enjoy football, surfing, cycling, travelling - particularly if there is snow or surf involved, and going to the gym.

Early Mornings
Angry People.

GDC Registration Number: 230912

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